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Lesson Learned

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Today I learned a lot.

I have only one class on Tuesdays. I check my email usually when I wake up, around 9:30. Today I learned to check it before I go off to class as well. We were all sitting in class- there's only ten of us. We were doing our normal bullshittong we do before class starts. We've only been together for a few weeks and this class is like we're family. We razz and make fun of eachother like we were getting paid to do it. Our teacher usually has a habit of comin in at 2:10- five minutes before the walk out cut off. So we don't even notice that time passes.

That is until one guy goes: "Guys- it's already half after." That had a few of us scrambling to check our email via cellphone. Three of groan all at once. "She cancled it like an hour ago!" Another announced. We were all grumbling. The few that had cars were excited. I on the other was bitching. My roommate drops me off since she has class a few blocks down. My choices were either to wait around or walk the three miles home. As I'm doing this, one kid says he'll give me a ride. I'm happy. We drive to my house. He leaves. I'm digging around in my bag, lookingfor my house keys.

I realize where they are. On the kitchen counter. Cursing myself I walk around the house trying some of the windows. By the law of Murphy, they're all locked.

I'm sitting here, on my covered front porch, writin this blog post, thinking about what I learned from class today: Always check your email before you leave for class. Always check your keys. Make sure you have them so you don't have to sit on a damp porch getting your butt wet.

Thank you, Professor for these lessons today.

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