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Discount Art and Craft Supplies!

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Being a poor college student, I'm looking for everything to be cheap, or atleast, cheaper, than the local art stores. There are only two art stores in my town, the school bookstore, and a small, independently owned art supply shop. The school book store is more expense than the family art shop. Usually, I would support a local business. (And for those of you wondering where to get good supplies in the Savannah, GA area, check out Primary Art Supply on Broughton) But with my current budget, I just can't afford those prices.

So I turned to the internet. I looked around on campus, asked kids where they got supplies. A few recommended So I placed an order. I paid extra for their extradited shipping. It was quick. The items were just as they described...

The only downside... all of the packaging. I got this huge box, filled with paper... luckily all recyclable.

As for the products, there is such a HUGE selection, they have great prices on a lot of stuff! They have two main sections, for art supplies, and for craft supplies. I have seen everything from drafting tables to gold leaf!

If you're looking for a new supplier, for a variety of items (with no minimum purchase!) Definitely check out Mr. Art.

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