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I've been thinking about this for the longest time. I've always wanted to make my own t-shirts. I've experimented before, using acrylic paints and an iron. I used tracing paper as my stencil, making the shirts one of a kind.

But as time went by, I realized I wanted a real screen printing set up. I had heard about the Yudu machine at a local Micheal's craft store. Now I haven't tried it yet, because it is a bit expensive for a job-less college student. Although the people at the Yudu Forums have done some experimenting on different, cheaper materials. My Yudu research will be another post, though! I promise!

So I'm currently looking into how feasible a real, single color screenprinting press and setup would be. I could get a starter's kit relatively cheaply. Speedball seems to be a pretty popular brand.

I've already started uploading my designs to the web, to help me market them! Right now, I've set up a Deviant Art account. Here's a sneak peak for you guys!

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