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The Quest For New Items

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Right now, since I just moved to my location, I'm working on things that I can do with my currently supplies, mostly my computer and Adobe Photoshop. If you haven't been to my shop yet, feel free to visit, and see what I mean.

I offer design services, and email the final product to the customer. I've been thinking lately though, of using a printing service, such as VistaPrint and OvernightPrints, to deliver the item to the customer. After some research on the etsy forums, I've decided against VistaPrint.

So off to research on OvernightPrints. They seem to of good quality (according to other Etsty users) And I've ordered a free sample kit. Once I get that, I'll review them, to see how I like them, when I have them in the figurative flesh.

I whiped up a quick, simple business card layout. I used the template that Overnights has on their website. (It's located here) I uploaded it. My first try didn't work, so I went back and re-read the directions. I found out that I didn't save it as the right file type. Make sure you read directions kids!

Proceeding through the selection process was easy. I suggest for cost-effectiviness, go with the value cards, as that's more than what most Etsier will need.

Now my usual Design fee is something around $10. So I could offer business cards from $11-20! Shipped directly to the customer!

I'm excited.

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