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Finals, Holidays, and General Over Busy-ness

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Sad to say, the past few weeks I have been consumed by my first round of college finals EVER. Things have been nuts. I went home to New Jersey (a seventeen hours train ride there, twelve hour car ride home) for a long (okay, really, three day weekend) to see friends, and family. It was GREAT. I didn't get to see everyone I wanted, but jeezus. It was only three days.

My job hunt hasn't been going so well. I thought I landed a personal assistance job, but I found out the guy didn't even work for the company he said he did. Good thing I did some snooping, or else only the gods would have known where to find my body.

Because of that (it wasted two weeks away from job hunting, waiting for me to start that job) I'm returning to my old job over break. It's good money, just not something I wanted to do. Why pay rent in a place I'm not going to live in?

So after this week, finals week, I'm returning home to the barren ice land called New Jersey. I guess I'm looking forward to spending so much time with my friends (probably only on the weekends... they still have school, icky.) And of course, earning some money.

I'm hoping all goes well with my finals. I'm already done with two of them, which is good. I just need to get my ass in gear and start my drawing final today, and work my booty off to get it finished and acceptable in time. I'm trying to pull all B's this quarter, but I probably won't, in English I'll hopefully pull a C.

Well, I'm off to sell my soul... oh, I mean, work on my finals.

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